Analyzing Netflix

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Executive Summary Megatrends affect the whole economy over years. In 2014, the new business of streaming started in Europe. People get the chance to influence their own televi-sion program. Most TVs have the ability to install applications, like Netflix. Older screens can be updated by a small hardware player to get this capability. Usually living room video entertainment is done by traditional companies like the RTL group. The customer can switch the channels, but is not able to choose his program by a remote click. Netflix is the pioneer and market leader in the US in streaming and offers shows and movies by video on demand. New streaming companies will mix up the tradi-tional market. A kind of quantum leap infects the television…show more content…
2 2: Porter’s 5 forces 9 Fig. 3 1: EBIT Netflix 11 Fig. 3 2: Netflix Properties 12 Fig. 3 3: Netflix Stock Performance Graph 13 Fig. 3 4: Netflix Result of operation 13 Fig. 3 5: Netflix Members 14 Fig. 3 6: BCG Matrix Netflix 15 Fig. 3 7: Streaming Germany, portfolio and prices 17 Fig. 4 1: Ansoff Matrix 22 1 Introduction This assignment gives a review of a strategy which corporate management strategy companies should follow by reference to the megatrend of streaming. There are dif-ferent analyzing techniques to align the current strategic path to achieve maximum growth and gain the market leadership. Autochthonous companies should follow another strategy compared to new competi-tors like Netflix. Stefan Volkert analyzes the RTL Group and shows their possible way to act on the megatrend of streaming in his assignment. On the other hand, this assignment offers an insight into the strategy of Netflix and their possible future. The RTL Group Company rises in times of standard television and had a constant turnover of almost 6 billion Euros between 2011 and 2013. A big part of the success is based on advertisement in movies and TV shows. Furthermore the RTL Group is the market leader of television in Germany, corresponding people between the ages of 14 and 59. Netflix, one new competitor, uses the megatrend of streaming to show their program on televisions. The company has very high success in the US and they
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