Analyzing Old Spice Essay

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Analyzing Old Spice Advertisements these days use many different techniques in order to sell a product. The Old Spice Company uses several methods to convey a message and sell their product. Old Spice commercials are well known for using the famous Isaiah Mustafa, wrapped in just a towel, to talk about the company’s product. While Mustafa walks and talks, the background and setting of the commercial changes and the actor never loses eye contact. The product is always shown throughout the entire commercial. By combining all the elements of gender stereotyping, sexual imagery, and racial innuendoes, Old Spice is able to convey a message to sell their hygienic products. When it comes to attracting the right audience, Old Spice knows what…show more content…
The sexual appeal in the Old Spice commercials is very evident. Throughout the entire ad, the central character does not have any clothing on except for a towel. Also, the undying eye contact, never ending perfect posture and the same central location of the bathroom also has an equal sexual appeal. Isaiah Mustafa is very buff, tall, and has the ultimate sexy voice. His eyes, stance, lack of clothing and voice draw you in like a moth to a light. The overall appeal to the character is unquestionable, you cannot help but stare. If you cannot help but pay attention to a commercial, then you will also pay attention to the product being addressed (citation 2). In this way, the company is able to grab your attention and keep it long enough to get their product out there. The racial innuendo in the Old Spice commercial is probably the least evident technique used to draw potential customers in. There is no denying that the main character is African-American. Without the use of this particular actor and his race, the commercial just would not be the same. Usually in any voice over or previously recorded advertisement, there is a black man speaking. They know how to enunciate the right words and have the “voice” to go along with it (citation 1). This might be a racial stereotype but it works for this particular commercial really well. His voice draws you in, captivates you and makes you want to listen. Plus, with his dark skin, his eyes pop out even
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