Analyzing Organizational and Public Leadership Application

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Brunei Organizational and public leadership application/ analysis paper The act of leadership is as old as humanity itself, yet it has only been throughout the recent few decades that more emphasis has been placed on leadership at a theoretical level. At the practical level, leadership has been exerted from ancient times, from the building of the pyramids, to the organization of Roman markets; it was an act completed by people in key positions and it was based mostly on intuition. Today, however intuition and innate skills still play a crucial role, the practice of leadership exertion has become more complex and it relies on more specific theoretical models and frameworks. At a generic level, leadership is understood as the act of leading people in a specific direction, with the scope of attaining a pre-established objective. At its core, leadership revolves around the creation and spreading of a vision for development and improvement at the level of the community; leadership is motivational and inspirational. Leadership acts are present in virtually all aspects of life, but two of the more important stances of leadership include organizational leadership and public leadership. Organizational leadership is often times confounded with management, in the meaning that the inspirational dimension translates into an effort of managing the resources, and often times, supervising the staff members, rather than motivating them.
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