Analyzing Our Dependence on Fuel Oil

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As we talked and read about the oil topic in class, I first thought that oil was just the black stuff coming out of the ground. I then thought “how can I write an entire essay on just oil?” However, as we started talking, I realized that oil is really all of nature’s resources and these resources are slowly being destroyed. Nature is a resource that has been here for as long as people have. We use trees for paper, the rivers and lakes for drinking water and power, and oil for factories and everyday things we come in contact with. It is impossible to go about normal life and NOT encounter something made of oil and nature. One of the most critical problems facing many countries today is our dependence on oil for fuel. The…show more content…
Most of the countries in the world depend on crude oil and its many by-products. With the world’s oil supply expected to run out in fifty to ninety years, very little time remains to find a safe, plentiful, and efficient alternative energy source. Personally, I say we look into water. Not only is it 70% of our world (therefore it is very plentiful) but in the past we have seen its power in the form of steam with trains and other machines. If no alternative is able to replace oil, it will become more expensive because it is becoming much more rare. Oil is tied to most of the things we buy; this is because plastic is made of distilled crude oil. Think of all the things we come in contact with every day that are plastic. Toothbrushes, phone cases, car interiors, food trays, our desks at school, even this keyboard I’m typing on right this instant is plastic. Plastic is a good material to use because it’s durable and is light. When oil is distilled (like the water) it becomes a lubricant. The more times or heavier the oil is distilled, it creates varying levels of lubricant. Wax, heating oil, gasoline, polyester, and many artificial chemicals are made from petroleum (oil). Because there is no reliable substitute for oil at this time, these commonly used items -- along with all of electrical systems and transportation -- would be non-existent. When the oil eventually runs out, nuclear, solar,
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