Analyzing Paul Harvey 's Speech And Delivery

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So God Made a Farmer “So God made a farmer” (Harvey). This famous phrase was originally spoken by a famous radio personality Paul Harvey, and last year was heard by many on the night of the 2013 Super Bowl in a Rams truck commercial. It is impressive that a speech that was originally written and spoken in 1978, reached out to an audience in today’s age and is still relevant to people with many different backgrounds. In this essay, I am going to analyze Paul Harvey’s speech and delivery by discussing what rhetorical strategies he used and why these tactics worked, and finally how the speech could have been improved. If anyone knew Paul Harvey, you could tell by his voice that he was a down to earth kind of man. He always spoke softly and with great eloquence. It was just a part of his personality. When delivering this speech, Paul was no different. He connected with the audience members and enhanced his appeals to ethos and pathos just through his language choices and tone. The speech contains anecdote after anecdote, which strengthens the rhetorical devices that make the speech’s message effective. Paul uses ethos to build up the character of the farmer and pathos to emotionally relate the farmer to each member of the audience. These tactics greatly impact Harvey’s speech. The main rhetorical device that is used through out the speech, “So God Made a Farmer” is ethos. In the context of this speech the device is not used in its traditional style. Normally, a rhetoric

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