Analyzing Pina Bausch One Of The Most Influential

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What a treasure is inherent in our bodies that expresses itself without words, and how many stories can be told without uttering a single sentence. – Wim Wenders.

Obsessive, infuriating, exhausting, magnetic, Provocative, Feminist, Extraordinary, Brilliant, Poetic, A Crock, Indulgent, Deadening, and Superficial are just a few words used to describe Pina Bausch one of the most influential and controversial choreographers of the twentieth century.
The high priestess of “Tanztheatre” changed the dance landscape forever. Her boundless imagination and provocative choreography changed the perception of what could be thought of as dance. Her searing, psychologically raw choreography pushed societal boundaries. She combined potent dramas and dreamlike movements to create a powerful form of dance theater that influenced generations of dancemakers her amazing body of work stands testament to her enduring vision, innovation and creativity. She was motivated only by emotional truth and was not frightened to put difficult and paradoxical feelings on stage. Every detail was important to
Bausch, every movement, gesture, because all of it was in service to the piece. Bausch didn’t consider what she did as choreography, but as expressing feelings by whatever means will best convey them.

Pina was a shy child, she was afraid to speak, dancing gave her a voice. When I was moving I could feel

In 1940 Philippine Bausch was born in Solingen, a small town located on the

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