Analyzing Pinker's Essay on Moral Instinct

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Introduction Hypothesis and overview of the essay (approximately 1 to 2 pages) This section should focus on using clear, concise writing to introduce your argumentative position based on the "Moral Instinct" editorial. Pinker's essay is on the moral instinct. He argues that evolution has bequeathed us with a moral instinct that prompts us to label certain actions ' good', 'bad' or other descriptive prescriptive terms. Sometimes, we attribute our conclusions to an Almighty Being and, when doing so, end up victimizing ourselves and others. This alleged moral instinct pits us into distorted reasoning and fallacious behaviors. An example may be the case where Mother Theresa, helping the poor in Calcutta primarily through prayer and inefficient medical services, is touted above that of Norman Borlaug who, little known as he is, has spent billions on the "Green Revolution". Our values, insists Pinker, are distorted but then again instead of conclusively maligning this moral instinct, we may better decide to "see through the illusions that evolution and culture have saddled us with and to focus on goals we can share and defend." It seems to me that Pinker's argument is circular and rests on the fallacy of reification. This essay will show how and why it does so. Humans, Pinker asserts are born with a moral quirk that compels humans to reason in certain ways. Many of these ways of thinking/ mindsets are illusions. We consider our interpretations to be universal making us

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