Essay Analyzing Pudd'Nhead Wilson

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APUS/Mr. Donovan Pudd’nhead Wilson Essay

In literature, slavery and the African American race are often analyzed and interpreted by numerous authors. Mark Twain reveals numerous hitches and aspects of society’s view towards different races throughout many of his novels. In Pudd’nhead Wilson Twain describes the status of African Americans in society, as well as how they are portrayed or believed to act in the eyes of other townsfolk. The portrayal of Roxy and the status of Tom and Chambers both help Twain show the wrongs of the
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Dawson’s Landing sees no difference in someone that is 100% black compared to someone that is 3% black. Tom, being the son of the high ranking Driscoll family, lives an easy and privileged life in Dawson’s Landing. Mark Twain uses these three characters to show that status in society was not obtained by a person’s accomplishments or personality, but rather their lineage and race, as seen with Roxy and Chambers. Throughout Pudd’nhead Wilson the primary characteristics of the different races are shown by Mark Twain. Twain’s constant use of black dialect showcases that many believed that blacks were uneducated fools who were only good at working in the fields. For example, Roxy says “Bofe de same age, sir-five months. Bawn de fust o’ Feb’uary” (Twain 9), which showcases her lack of grammar and overall speaking quality. The use of the black dialect throughout the novel by the African Americans is probably due to the fact that they could not attend school, as many of them were forced to work in the fields all day by their masters. After being switched with Chambers, the once proper and upper class Tom was now speaking black dialect due to his time spent with Roxy and other African Americans. Also, blacks were known for being devious and trying to steal from their masters or other upper-class citizens. For example,
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