Analyzing Rawls' Second Principle of Justice

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Rawls's Second Principle of Justice Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Rawls's Second Principle of Justice A principle of justice is the most crucial thought written about in past decades. This theory is not exclusively meant for philosophers; it is also beneficial to people engaged in public policy practice, political scientists, judges and lawyers. The text on Rawls's second principle of justice is a necessary tool in understanding political thoughts. As much as the text is complicated to understand, it is a worthy text. Rawls's second principle of justice is unavoidable in understanding and explaining contemporary thoughts of the Western politics. Sandel (2010 states, ""¦. A just society can't be achieved simply by maximizing utility or by securing freedom of choice. To achieve a just society we have to reason together about the meaning of the good life, and to create a public culture hospitable to the disagreements that will inevitably arise" (p.261). The difference principle Rawls has pioneered the justice principle, which has two sections. In the first section, Rawls argues that there must be fair equality in distribution of opportunities throughout the society. Opportunity based on fair equality varies from opportunity based on formal equality or even the concept of opening careers to talents. Restricting job opportunities leads to lack of formal equal opportunities. When the best job opportunities are preserved for the powerful members of the society, it
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