Analyzing Ron Rindo's 'Learning To Drive'

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“Learning to Drive” Lit Analysis Garden of Grief Every flower starts as a bud. Claiming its territory (participial phrase), the bud firmly roots itself into the ground and sprouts. The process continues until the once seemingly worthless seedling morphs into a delicate, divine work of art. The bud, now a full grown flower, spread its own seed, distributing new clusters throughout lush-green meadows. However, the flower may wither and as a result lose its previous allure. Cancer, similar to a flower, blooms inside a person’s system and weakens his or her abilities.The short story “Learning to Drive”, written by Ron Rindo, illustrates the misfortunes brought upon by cancer, while also emphasizing the impact this disease has on an individual and his family. The protagonist, an unnamed father (appositive), loses his leg as a result of his battle with cancer. Forced to cope with the amputation (participial phrase), he receives a prosthetic leg and returns home to be greeted with gifts and a celebration. Despite an attempt to return to normalcy and his daily routine (prepositional phrase), his fate changes once the cancer returns. This time, however, death is inevitable. Shortly after hearing the news, the protagonist spirals into a severe state of depression. While he struggles to persevere through the aftermath of the …show more content…

Rindo adequately includes indirect and direct characterization of both the father and his family to enforce the idea that those who overcome the obstacles of grief achieve simultaneously

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