Analyzing SAP Crystal Reports

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The tool being studied is SAP Crystal Reports. The function of this tool is to provide reports for managers based on information in the company's data set. What the tool does is that it takes "operational and industry" data and uses that to produce reports that make information easy to access, read and understand. There are a few key business issues that are addressed with SAP Crystal Reports. The first and most important is the need for useful information delivered quickly. Most companies have stored in their systems an immense amount of data, but that data can be difficult to access and understand, so what Crystal Reports does is it provides an interface whereby the user can easily call up the relevant information. The software already has the information pathways built in that the managers need, and as a result of this the reports deliver the information quickly. The second key function is to ensure that the information is easy to read and easy to use. The reports are often visual, but most importantly they reports are clean and neatly presented. This means that managers do not need to waste time sifting through poorly-organized data to find the information that they want. There are two main types of learning from these tools. Obviously, managers are able to learn more about their organizations with these tools, because the speed at which information can be transmitted to the managers and the ease with which the managers can digest that information is improved. The
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