Analyzing Saki's 'The Most Dangerous Game'

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Imagine you are given an assignment to relate a book to life. How would you do this? Do you just say “it was written in 2016, the same year were living in?” Or “it has people?” This may be correct, but but in my class at least, that wouldn't cut it. What you’d really have to do is find the relationship or connection that life and literature have through narrative, conflict, and characterization, that'll get you a good grade. But how do i do this, you may ask. You gotta relate each of those things to yourself and the world around you.
Conflict happens in both books and life. We can relate these conflicts to ourselves and learn from them. In the book The Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford falls off of his boat, experiencing a man vs nature conflict.
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In the interlopers short film, a third person narrative is used to show the actions of the two men. This third person narrative used was a third person limited narrative, which is when you are only shown the actions of a character, not their thoughts or feelings. This is the same way we see and perceive life. We can only see people's actions, and can't see their thoughts or feelings. In the book version of the interlopers Saki uses a first person limited point of view. This tells us about what Ulrich sees and does. This is how we go through life ourselves. We can hear our thoughts and actions, but can't see anyone else's. The narration of a book can be like how we perceive…show more content…
The story i told you was a real story that happened to me, and i showed you a book that had the same problem. Books have conflicts, that everyone goes through. Books have narration, which is a point of view, and book shave characterization, the way we judge people. Books are written by people, so it only make sense that they can tie in to life. Now, let's turn the page on this discussion and go live our
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