Analyzing Socio Environmental Issues That Are Affecting The Health And Quality Of Life Of Elementary Students

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A. Introduction and Purpose: Our praxis site is the Bala Avenue Community School and our aggregate is grade 3 and 4 students. We chose the aggregate because they are the only elementary students who are not receiving the mental health initiative, which aims to teach students to regulate their behavior, that the school is implementing. The purpose of this assessment is to comprehensively assess and critically analyze socio-environmental issues that are affecting the health and quality of life of elementary students in our praxis site. B. Data Collection Methods: We used both quantitative and qualitative data gathering methods. We accessed the profile of the school through the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) website and asked the…show more content…
Majority (75%) of the class originated from Somalia, Kenya, Ecuador, Portugal, and Philippines. Although all the students can understand English, 30% of the class consider English as a second language (personal communication, grade 3 and 4 teacher, 2017). The teacher (personal communication, 2017) also mentioned that a number of her students have low income families as evidenced by their eligibility to receive free access to extra-curricular activities like movies, arts, sports offered by the City of Toronto. We also observed that almost 20% of the students do not have appropriate winter wear and three to four of them skip lunch because they did not have food. E. Qualitative Assessment: When we asked students to describe their life experiences at school, many of them stated that they were healthy, happy and supported by their teachers. One students said, “I think I’m healthy. I have my friends here. And my teacher is nice (personal communication, grade 3 student, 2017). But, there are also those who said that they were not happy. Another student expressed her anger as she stated, “I am in a red zone. My teacher doesn’t listen to me (personal communication, grade 2 student, 2017). Most of the time, unhappy and uncomfortable students distract their classmates. Two of the teachers (personal communication, 2017) that we interviewed expressed that several students are not behaving “properly” towards

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