Analyzing Sunrise And Sunset Data

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Day 1 – Lesson Title Grade Duration Eureka Alignment Sunrise, Sunset 9 - 11 Lesson 1 of 2 EngageNY Module 2, Lesson 13 Objective By the end of the lesson, student will be able to organize, graph and analyze sunrise/sunset data for three (3) selected cities in the northern hemisphere to use as input to sinusoidal modeling. While acquiring this new skill students will practice summarization and their note-taking and skills. Learning Goal(s) Students will be able to model cyclical phenomena from physical science using trigonometric functions. Students will collect, organize, graph and model associated data. Materials Preparation 1. Sunrise To Sunset Student Materials 2. Printed Astronomical Data (to supplement online data) 3.…show more content…
Queue introductory Youtube video: Sunrise To Sunset or video of you choosing UDL - Multiple Means of Engagement: Assign student to heterogeneous groups (mixed ability) Engage UDL - Multiple Use of Expression Show a segment of the Sunrise To Sunset ( or your selected YouTube video to introduce the lesson. (Note: the suggested video is 12 minutes so it is suggested to only play a segment, or play it in the background.) 1. Lead a brief (5-min) discussion on the purpose of the project – To investigate modeling astronomical phenomena – in this case, the amount of sunlight on Earth using sinusoidal functions. UDL: Multiple Use of Representation 2. Review longitudinal (vertical) and latitudinal (horizontal) lines and make analogies with the X/Y Coordinate Plane (Graphic Organizer). You may choose to show one of these two videos to help students understand latitude and longitude: (~7min) (~3 min) a. Latitude, Longitude b. Address of locations on the earth c. X-Axis: The Equator – units are in 150 increments d. Y – Axis: Prime Meridian – units are in 150 increments e. Upper Quadrants of the X/Y Coordinate Plane - Northern Hemisphere f. Lower Quadrants of the X/Y Coordinate Plane - Southern Hemisphere Microsoft Images:

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