Analyzing The African Art Galleries On The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

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This paper will be describing and analyzing the African Art Galleries in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The galleries that will be critiqued in this paper are 350, 351, and 352. Gallery 350 (Samuel H. and Linda M. Lindenbaum Gallery) is an averaged size rectangular room that spans about the length of a sidewalk. The gallery contains several carved wooden sculptures, primarily located in the center of the gallery that immediately take over upon entering. While most objects are not enclosed in cases and are instead freestanding, some works such as the Senufo Face Mask are not freestanding and are supported by a wall in a case allowing for frontal viewing. The Bozo door has a slight relief and can be viewed frontally as it hangs on the wall. Some freestanding works are displayed in cases that are built into the walls of the gallery, which limits the individual’s ability to view the work all the way around. Though external lights bring some brightness into the gallery, they seem to add a muted sepia tone to the room. In the cases against the walls, the lights are installed in the panels above the pieces in order to provide an even distribution of light amongst all of the work. In the entire gallery, the lights are scattered on the ceiling and angled in a way to provide light on each sculpture. The sculptures are arranged in a geographical manner since most of the items are from the people of Mali and Côte D 'ivoire . In this gallery, the pieces are also grouped in a

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