Analyzing The Association Between Intake Of Different Types Of Beverages And Obesity Outcomes

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In this study, we conducted multivariate linear regression analysis to examine the association between intake of different types of beverages and obesity outcomes in children and adults. We found out that, SSB intake in both children and adults had the significant contribution to obesity outcomes. This positive association is consistent with previous studies reporting a strong positive dose-response relationship between intake of SSB and adiposity among Australian and Danish children (12, 21), and positive association between SSB intake and obesity in adults (5, 6). A recent study aiming to investigate factors related to SSB consumption in Australia also pointed out that obese people were more likely to drink SSB than people in normal weight range (22). We also found, diet drinks and water intake in both children and adults, were positively related to obesity outcomes. Since this study is the secondary analysis of data from a cross-sectional study, it is possible that respondents who were obese and overweight, at that point of time, more frequently consumed diet drinks for weight control (13). Besides, due to the new taxation on SSB in recent years in some industrialised countries, the current trend of consuming beverages also shifted towards diet drinks (23). A positive association between water intake and SSB could be explained as under-reporting.

Results from the standard multivariate model presented in Table 1.2 and 2.2 revealed that total energy intake had a…
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