Analyzing The Audit Statement Provided By The Information Systems Auditor

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In this report I will critically analyse the audit statement provided by the information systems auditor and provide a solution specific to the company for issues I identify. The report will offer a number of solutions to identified issues where possible to ensure Smith Industrie Ltd. have a choice if they do decide to implement proposed solutions. The solutions will take into consideration the IA principles, ISO 270001 and ITIL, as well as being designed to accommodate the current and future demands of Smith Industrie Ltd. Issues identified within the Audit and their Solutions In the audit I have identified a number of issues some of which were brought up by the information systems auditor and other that weren’t. Below is the issues and their solutions divided into categories for ease of reading. Network Currently the network system in place is struggling to meet demand as it frequently collapses under heavy loads. Video conferencing activities are reported to be suffering as well due to poor network performance. It is clear that the legacy 802.11 wireless network system is proving seriously detrimental to the overall performance and cannot be expected to cope with the introduction of handheld devices in the workplace. This will be exacerbated by the planned hiring of 500 staff in the next five to ten years. It would appear that alongside the aforementioned issue lies another, where employees are connecting to the wrong network with their mobile device. This statement
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