Analyzing The Best Ways For Brainstorming And Organizing My Career Essay

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This comp class has challenged me to change the way I write. Moreover, I have been forced to look at my sources in a whole new way in order to meet the requirements each assignment. Discovering the best ways to brainstorm and organizing my essays has help me skip those painful first moments that ultimately happen when starting a project. Therefore, there were many struggles that I went through this semester. From learning to synthesize, to writing to an audience, to finding my voice, this class has helped me grow in many ways.
My writing journey took a new path the minute I started working on journal one. I didn’t know it back then, but this journal has set me up for all that came afterwards. Looking back over this first entry I realize that my sentences were very choppy and that my thoughts jumped from one to the next without a successful transition. For example, “The older women, who have been told what to do from an early age, are now gaining their freedom by educating themselves. The portraits of the women surrounded by their quotes make a strong statement about their will and desire to better themselves.” This is a direct quote out of my journal entry that shows the lack of transition and how it’s confusing to the audience because there is no background or description. Reading again, I can tell that I was just trying to answer the questions that the journal was asking and that I wasn’t connecting the questions or the topic to something else.
Moreover, synthesizing was

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