Analyzing The Book ' Packs ' A Powerful Punch '

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How does this book meet this purpose for this audience? It’s Okay to Be Different is a simple read that goes through many difference that we may portray, and how it is okay to be different. This book is perfect for this audience because these students have disabilities that are noticeable to others. Besides encouraging them that their differences are okay, it is also important for them to realize that they need to accept and be nice to others. This is also especially important because sometimes they cannot filter their thoughts which may hurt someone’s feelings. By teaching the students that everyone is different inside and out, they will start to learn and act according to the motto, it’s okay to be different.
Tone/Intensity: powerfully informal – the story packs a powerful punch but the story is just different examples of differences without an actual story line.
Pacing: steady reading with pauses – all pages are written the same, but pauses will be taken to absorb the information and reflect.
Mood: hopeful – that everyone will be treated nicely because it’s okay to be different.
Other Considerations:
How will you introduce the book to the audience? Why? I will introduce this book by introducing the topic of acceptance and appearance first. I find that talking to my students about this topic first will help them understand why we are reading this book. Having them understand that everyone is special in their own way is important to help build their confidence and

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