Analyzing The Buying Behaviors Of Online Customers And Compare The Gender Preferences

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Chapter 3: Methodology / Research Methods 3.1 Research Philosophy The objective of this research is to analyse the buying behaviours of online customers and compare the gender preferences in two different countries, United Kingdom and Cyprus. More specific, the research actually aims to examine which factors influence the e-consumption, especially the business -to- customer e-commerce model. In order to investigate and evaluate the results of any research it is necessary to decide the method that the data collected will be approached. The philosophy of the research and which approach should be applied, are the first layers of the research onion according to Saunders (2007). Taking into account the nature of our analysis, we consider…show more content…
There are five different stages that are crucial for a deductive research progress: (i) deducting a hypothesis, (ii) expressing the hypothesis in operational terms, (iii) testing the operational hypothesis, (iv) examining the specific outcome of the inquiry and (v) modifying the theory when the findings are not confirmed. 3.2 Research Design The research design can be better described as the strategy that will be applied to answer the research questions. The most important thing in research design is to make clear the objectives deriving from the research question and at the same time pointing out the sources from which you aim to collect the data. It is essential to include the limitations you should probably need to override during the whole process. In that stage it is also necessary to decide which tactic will be followed. Decisions about tactics will involve you being clear about the different quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques (for example, questionnaires, interviews, focus group, published data) and subsequent quantitative and qualitative data analysis procedures (Saunders, et al., 2007). Survey strategy is the one usually related to the deductive approach. According to Saunders (2007), survey is a popular and common strategy in business and management research and is most frequently used to answer who, what, where, how much and how many questions. As usual, a
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