Analyzing The Characters In Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

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A good novel can make you feel like the characters "live on" after the final page. Where do you imagine Gogol will go from here/after the last page?
I think Gogol will keep working as an architect and perhaps in some future he will meet a decent woman. It’s hard to preserve your self-esteem when you been cheated. Gogol will make new friends, so he can boost his confidence and self-esteem. After the betrayed of Moushumi, Gogol had a hard time dealing this problem. He was on his 30’s when he got married and divorced at the same time. On the next page during the party, his mother will introduce him to new candidates for a wife. But he will refuse to marry one of them. After serval years passed, Gogol will find himself with the necessity of finding
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