Analyzing The Classroom Procedure: Turning In Homework

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Classroom Procedure: Turning in Homework

There are many things that go into a successful, well-managed classroom, but one of the biggest determining factors is establishing positive procedures for daily tasks and activities. Students crave a stable and predictable environment where they know exactly what to expect and how to succeed, and teaching procedures does just that. Procedures provide structure to both students and teachers, ensuring that the classroom is a familiar and secure place that everyone can rely on. Obviously choosing the right rules and procedures for a classroom is entirely up to the instructor; but no matter the procedure, teachers must clearly define what they expect from their students from the very beginning. It is essential
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Once they arrive in class, they will place the homework face down in the paper tray for the correct class period. These trays will be located at the back of the classroom and be clearly marked to ensure students are well aware of what basket is for their class. Students will be responsible for making sure that their name and the correct date is on the homework; if students do not write their name on the paper, they will not get credit for the assignment. Students who do not have their homework for whatever reason will be responsible for filling out a “missing homework” document on which they must list the class period, date and assignment missed, as well as the reason they do not have their work. Blank copies of this form will be located next to the homework tray. Once students have filled out the document, they will turn it into the tray like any other assignment. This will allow me to keep clear documentation regarding student work for future questions or concerns from parents or administrators. All of this needs to be completed before the bell rings to signal the beginning of class, as I will collect it during the first 5 minutes while students are working on bell work posted on the
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