Analyzing The Deceptive Society Of The1920 By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Kaelah Olvera Mrs.Harrington Ap Lang per.1 6/12/15 Focus Questions #1 Fitzgerald achieves his purpose of illustrating the deceptive society of the1920’s by naming the characters based upon their personalities.The symbolism behind each of the characters’ name adds depth and conveys their role in the novel.The protagonist was born to the name Jame Gatz which represent his humble linage of poor farmers, altering his name to Jay Gatsby shows that pursuing wealth can make one lose their true identity in seek for a materialistic one.Gatsby changed his name with the hope of becoming part of the high social class.Gatsby can mean “God” relating to his desire for glory, as well as his wish to shape reality.Daisy Buchanan’s name is a symbol of gentleness,innocence,purity and youth.Daisy is known for her ‘low thrilling voice “ that encaptures the gentleness of her name and embodies the youthness by living a careless life.Also in Victorian times, young heart broken women who wished to be loved would pluck off daisy petals saying “ he loves me, he loves me not”, this parallels the relationship of Daisy and Tom because he is unfaithful, making Daisy unsure if he loves her or not. Daisies are commonly mistaken for flowers but are actually weeds, this exposes Daisy facade of innocence.The fact that Daisy has an affair though she has a child, then runs away with Tom after Gatsby takes the blame for her murder proves that she is not innocent. Myrtle, Tom 's mistress is also named after

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