Analyzing The Emerging Online Strategy For Big Purchase Items Such As House, Cars, Appliance, Appliances,

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Inbound marketing, N.H. style discuss the emerging online strategy that are used for big purchase items such as house, cars, appliance, etc. Majority of the companies have a well design website and software company Hubspot, a leader in inbound marketing strategy and analytics to drive website traffic by posting blog and email marketing of common questions people have regrading product. "People no longer put in search terms specific to what they want. They started to ask search engines questions. Inbound marketing people realized, if you answered the question you will get traction.” (Hall, 2016, p. 19).
The strategy utilizes various web tools, from websites to social media to email, as a way to provide useful information about a company that will eventually draw customers to their site, generate leads, and convert them into sales. This is an important online strategy for marketing manager because traditional advertise through media is great for big brand and small items where top of the mind advertising gets people to buy things, however when people make big purchase items and need to answer question inbound marketing strategy works well. The main point of this article is to provide useful content online, like on company blog, not only to aid the customer but also to build trust in the company and increase chances of a purchase (Hall, 2016). My last major purchase of television I read through people’s review and specification of the product before I
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