Analyzing The Environment Of Public Organizations Essay

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In Chapter Four: “Analyzing the Environment of Public Organizations” (pp. 89-109) of Understanding and Managing Public Organizations (4th Edition), Hal Rainey begins by revisiting the content that had been covered in chapter two of the book. Organizational environment, as described in chapter two, is one of the most important concepts that are analyzed in relation to the study of management and organizations. It is clear that a little emphasis was given to an organization’s environments or its managers’ responses to the insights made by the early contributors to the study of organizations as they concentrated on structures. Limited attention was given to certain aspects of people, tasks, incentives, and processes, and organizational environments and the challenges of dealing with such environment is now considered as absolutely crucial to analyzing and leading organizations by the contemporary researchers and experts. Managers are currently being exhorted by the management expert in monitoring and analyzing their environments, and it is also clear that the executives and task forces are regularly being led by consultants through the established analyses as part of strategic planning sessions.
Under the general dimensions of organizational environments, Rainey (2012) has made it clear that a significant approach that can be used in working through some of the complexity of environmental analysis is by laying out the general sectors or clusters of conditions that an
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