Analyzing The Film 'The Graduate'

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The Graduate is one of the most ground-breaking films from the 1960’s. Directed in 1967 by Mike Nichols, this film set a new era of filmmaking. During this time period, new directors were debuting as well. Ben’s family and family friends think that Ben is on the right track with his life. If he continues doing everything he has been; he’ll be guaranteed success. He was the editor of the school newspaper and a wonderful track star, but Ben ends up changing. He gets the girl he always wanted, but at the same time disappoints everyone who had such faith in him from the start. In the words of Ben’s own father, he states: “you’re disappointing them, Ben.” In the opening moments of the film, Ben looks bored and lonely with his life. We first see him on the airplane, and then a moment of silence begins when we hear the line, “Hello darkness, my old friend.” While riding the conveyer belt after getting off the airplane, Ben seems to be lacking happiness. He has a hole in his heart and the only way to fill this hole would be for him to choose his own path in life and start pursuing it, not follow in his parent’s footsteps and do what they want him to do. Ever since graduating from college, Ben…show more content…
It is about a lack of communication and disconnect between Ben and what everyone wants for him. Ben is frustrated; clearly his parents do not care to listen to anything he has to say because they supposedly all know what’s right for Ben. The song displays light and darkness to show viewers how some people’s stupidity can destroy the way they communicate with others. Since there is no adequate communication, there is no adequate understanding. People are talking without speaking, and hearing without listening. This song shows us that communication is failing and all we hear is silence. A main problem for Ben is how neither his parents nor the other people that surround him ever listen to what he has to
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