Analyzing The Function Of Chosen Media Presentations

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Lachlan Milligan

Part 1: Selecting media presentations
Source one: Comic strip
Source two: Online Magazine Part 2: Detailing and analysing the function of chosen media presentations
Source one:
Part A:
Source one is a comic strip which was extracted from a newspaper by the Star Tribune, which was distributed within the southern American region. It negatively conveys the Muslim religion. At first glance this image may provide entertainment to the readers, although if analysed more carefully it can be seen as an
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Source two:
Part A:
Source two is an online Christian magazine article which illustrates how to defeat “physical torment” and be “at peace with god”. The magazine article retells the story of Laura Maxwell and her constant battles with demons and evil spirits until her conversion to the Christian religion prevented these evils.
Part B:
This article is written by a Christian woman named Laura Maxwell, from her point of view. Source 2 has a general function of persuasion and information. Persuasion is apparent as Maxwell’s unique story retells her transition into the Christianity positively promotes the facet of the Christian religion which influences others to also convert. In addition, the article has an educative effect on the readers. This was seen through the retelling of Maxwell’s story in a documentary format, which educates readers of her experiences and what she learned.
Part 3: Integrated analysis of religious themes, characters or perspectives
Part A:
Sources 1 and 2 incorporate religious themes which simultaneously have some quantity of bias within them. In Source one it is evident that the characters portrayed are the stereotypical religious Muslim fanatics, commonly known as terrorists. In addition, Source one is from Star Tribune’s perspective, portraying Muslims in a negative way, to gain attention and popularity. In comparison, Source two does not contain any obvious stereotypes, but rathe
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