Analyzing The Interactions Of Volunteers At Mary 's Kitchen With The Guests

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Discussion The present study conducted aimed at analyzing the interactions of volunteers at Mary’s Kitchen with the guests that are currently homeless. The data was collected through interviews and observations for six hours. Observations were focused on to see how the volunteers are interacting with the guests such as the tone of their voice, gestures, body language, and attitudes that were observed while the volunteers were serving food to the guests and while they were handing out donated items to the guests. The interviews were conducted with three volunteers, who have been volunteering at the Mary’s Kitchen consecutively and one of the volunteers was the board member who has been part of the Mary’s Kitchen since the beginning. The results from the study revealed that the volunteers should provide a comforting environment, treat the guests with respect, and have positive interactions with the guests such as smile and greet them. Furthermore, all the volunteers agreed that respecting the homeless population is the most important aspect of providing them with comfort, because they are also human beings. Place in Literature The present study focused on understanding the interactions and attitudes of volunteers at Mary’s Kitchen who interacted with the guests that are currently homeless. This study revealed that having positive interactions, providing comfort and respect is important in order to welcome the guests to the shelter. Other studies that have been conducted have
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