Analyzing The Key Components Of A Kickstarter

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“Kickstarter is changing how millions of people around the world connect with dance, design, fashion, film, video, food, games, journalism, music, photography, publishing, technology, theatre, art, comics, and crafts.” Kickstarter, is unlike any other breeding ground for funding and showing the world the many projects that can be born through unique minds. Launching in 2009, they have nearly help fully fund over 77,000 projects, projects that wouldn’t have happened without support loving support from over 7.7 million backers. Unfortunately, there are some downfalls. Nearly 200,727 have been created on this website and less than half have been made from a dream, into a reality. There is no universal way of getting everyone to like your…show more content…
There were distinct differences between these two projects, which were the few of the many different key components on having a successful project. One of the few key components in having a successful Kickstarter, is the story behind the project. In 3Doodler, Not only do they discuss how they came up with the idea, and the specifications of their prototype, but in addition, they also discuss and explain what they can actually make with the 3Doodler, either by freehand, or even with the use of their stencils, which are downloadable on their website. Another successful and strategic decision they implanted into their description was showing they have a prototype and show that this design was actually feasible. Another well-made addition to making this successful was through their video. Similar to their written description, it gives an even more in-depth sight at what the device can actually do. On the other hand, Safe Ride Now! is a project that had good morals, but failed because of a poor execution. The description states on the statistics on deaths related to alcohol. The story never actually describes how the projected plan will actually work. It then also
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