Analyzing The Knowledge And Awareness On The Risk Of Sun Exposure And Skin Cancer Among International Students At Waiariki Essay

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GOWTHAMI GARIMALLA WAIARIKI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 11/19/2014 TITLE: ASSESSING THE KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS ON THE RISK OF SUN EXPOSURE AND SKIN CANCER AMONG INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AT WAIARIKI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY IN NEW ZEALAND ABSTRACT Objective: To assess the level of knowledge & awareness about risk of sun exposure and skin cancer in international students and to explore the system of education on their knowledge and practices in New Zealand. Materials and Methods: A Self- Structured questionnaire-based study was conducted at Waiariki Institute of Technology on new international students. Results: Students know the effects of sun exposure related to skin cancer and skin disorders, Able to identify the risk factors for developing skin cancers, the importance of SPF related to skin protection in New Zealand, sun safety measures to be followed for personal protection and self assessment of skin cancer risk and knowledge about the depletion of ozone layer in New Zealand. Conclusion: There is a need for preventing excessive solar exposure which leads to sunburns, I recommend interventions like a Pilot Program for photo protection education and Sun Awareness Week to improve knowledge and sun protection behavior among international students. INTRODUCTION When I came to New Zealand as an International student in February 2014 from India, in the second week my face and body got burned and tanned with tanning beds. I thought it was due to climatic changes as I came
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