Analyzing The Location For Italian Meals Good Or Bad?

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Based on the information given in the case, it is not immediately clear if the sample size was large enough to draw conclusive evidence. The analysis by Project Score could be biased if the sample size was not diverse enough. It is unclear how much demographic and cultural differences affect the results of the analysis.
4. Perceptual Maps Interpretation
How should the perceptual maps be interpreted? Is the location for Italian meals good or bad?
The Perceptual Maps (Appendix B Fig.2) shows the key stressors in the respondents ' meal preparation on XY axis with difficulty in meal preparation, kid-pleasing, adult pleasing, and family pleasing as the main variables. Italian meals in the map are shown as homemade spaghetti, one-dish meal with Italian Sausage, spaghetti with jarred sauce, and lasagna. Survey participants often reported feeling rushed at dinner time and felt that they had to sacrifice quality for speed. Meals made with Italian sausage ranked high on Family Pleasing and Easy to Do making it a quick meal solution to the participant’s dinner –time dilemma. In comparison to other Italian meals and regular meals, the perceptual map shows that Italian sausage meals appear to fulfill the target market’s needs.
5. Positioning Territories
Do you agree that the 4 concept descriptions do a good job of representing the 6 positioning territories? There were six original positioning territories: Family Connection, Clever Cooking, Confidence, Appreciation,

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