Analyzing The Many Facets We Face

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The purpose of this commentary paper is to explain and describe the many facets we face in our working day. I work for a company that makes aftermarket parts for mining dragline shovels, extensive cutting spades, parts for railroad rail cars, undercarriages for TRAC type equipment, and the notorious NASA Space Shuttle program in which we built the shuttle crawler which transported the Space Shuttle to the launch pad. Our environment is very dynamic and spans across different cultures and countries. Have you ever thought about how companies maintain a working relationship with other countries working in the same line of business? Let me tell you, that we are not all that different, as we share rather the same goals and results. A working environment that is motivated by the mining industry is both dynamic and exciting. Our company is based out of Gillette, Wyoming and has a population of 29,000 people. The resources and availability factors skilled labor and education in the mining industry with a communication infrastructure. The mining industry follows a code of law which is strongly influenced by OSHA’s rules and regulations, which sometimes are policed by political processes. Today, many companies if not most, are driven by digital access. We rely on connectivity to ensure a strong infrastructure, keeping connectivity reliable and consistent supporting a precise manufacturing process. Our company has a global presence in Chile, India, Mexico, Canada, as well as the
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