Analyzing The Marketing Of A Home

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Giving a preview of the said property can be an extra direction to utilize prior to the marketing of a home. This allows the listing agent to get in touch with the potential buyers that they have gathered and placed on their client’s list. Once they have reached those special or elite clients they then set up viewings for them to see the property prior to the property being marketed. This method aids in the reduction of the advertising fees of the seller in hoping to lock in a sale prior to advertising, along with saving cost that have been acquired from several forms of initiating a marketing promotion for that said property. As for the negotiating a sale the seller needs to receive all updates via the agent on concerns over the…show more content…
Once the absolute interchanging of the legal paperwork has been signed the said property has become sold. In addition to that being said the property will now be removed from the market arena. Now the agents of both the buyer and seller shall manage the developments. As for the settlement day it shall be stated in the paperwork normally as an amount of days following the paperwork exchanging. There is one thing that needs to be convey to both sides during this time and that is everyone needs to stay in touch with their agents just in case something comes up and the dates have to be rearranged for any reason. “The settlement date will have been specified in the contract generally as a set number of days after the contract exchange, but it is critical for both parties to communicate with the legal representatives during this period as settlement dates can be changed due to many reasons”, Ling & Archer, 2008. The new homeowner should be having the last inspection of the property done during this time frame. This is for double checking on the items that were to be included with the property are still there and in good faith or operational and anything else that needed to be gone has been taken away without damaging the property or value of the property. Let’s talk about the successful transaction step now. Now that you have a potential buyer that is showing a desire to buy the said property the method begins by the buyer getting a prequalifying letter from a
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