Analyzing The Matching Process : Human Resource Management And Competitive Strategies Essay

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McGuire et al. (2003) in their article titled “Examining the Matching Process – Human Resource Management and Competitive Strategies: A Study of the Irish Retail Sector” focused on how human resource management is linked to the competitive strategy of the firm. Further the paper focused on the competitive advantage in the retail sector. The authors concluded that the issue of competitive strategy and positioning is an extremely important issue within the service/retail sector. And also, the choice of competitive strategy has significant implications for the range of human resource practices available to the retail organizations. The study clearly identified that the cost bounded of competitive strategies such as financial considerations would appear a significant factor in determining the overall approach taken towards human resource management in the retail sector.
SohelAhmad et al. (2003) in his article titled “The impact of human resource management practices on operational performance: recognizing country and industry differences” made an attempt to generalize the efficacy of seven HRM practices proposed by Pfeiffer in the context of country and industry, focusing primarily on the effects of these practices on operations.
Catherine Truss (2004) in the article titled “Who’s in the driving seat? Managing human resources in a franchise firm” has concentrated on the role of human resources with special reference to retail franchise firm. The author has opined that the…
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