Analyzing The Movie 'Pocahontas'

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In this day and age, many are led to believe that Pocahontas was a beautiful, mature woman who saved John Smith’s life and married him out of pure munificence and love. A good amount would be surprised if they were told otherwise. In the movie, Pocahontas was portrayed as a beautiful, mature woman at the time of her marriage with John Smith. However, she was married to John Rolfe at a very young age. Disney’s Pocahontas certainly did not help the cause of correctly informing the children and adults. The movie did not accurately depict the real experiences Pocahontas had to go to through and how she actually lived her days. In order for the movie to be “child friendly”, many changes had to take place from the actual story of Pocahontas. To further illustrate, Pocahontas was not a voluptuous young woman at the time of meeting with John Smith, but in reality she was ten to twelve years old, while John Smith was confirmed to be in his thirties. Disney interpreted Pocahontas as a woman in her twenties when they found each other, but this is not an accurate nor correct portrayal of Pocahontas. Her first encounter with John Smith was made to believe that she saved his life. In…show more content…
This movie is great entertainment for small children, albeit it does not give the correct depiction of how Pocahontas actually lived her life. For the movie’s sake, the producers and directors changed her age, her body, and gave her a motive for her actions that basically comes down to falling madly in love with an English colonist. Due to Disney’s “politically correct” Pocahontas, many of the children and adults who watched or will watch this movie will be falsely informed about the real events that took place in her life. She did not get to have the "happily ever after" that most Disney Princesses get, but instead a doleful and lonely life, followed only by a death filled with
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