Analyzing The Movie 'The Crush'

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I'm sure we've all been there before. An attractive younger lady lusts after you, but it's wrong cause she is so young. I've had my fair share of beautiful and unobtainable women lusting after me... Haha, who am I kidding. The events of The Crush are so far away from anything I've ever experienced as a grown male, this movie could be science ficition in my case. As for The Crush, it's a tale we've seen in several other movies before, but with the help of Alicia Silverstone in her feature film debut, the film rises above those other attempts. Her performance as the girl with a few screws loose is a slam dunk in my opinion. Scream Factory is releasing The Crush on Blu-ray, with a few special features, but with a lack of interviews with the leading actors, it's a hard sell for anyone that buys Blu-rays for the features alone. Read on to see if you agree...

Nick is a young
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She is cute, sexy and dangerous all wrapped up in a sweet as pie package that is laced with razor blades. Cary Elwes also does a great job at playing a man who makes a few honest mistakes (no really, the closet/undressing situation was a complete misunderstanding *adjusts collar, laughs nervously and clears throat*) and has to live with them. As for the plot of the film, things are straight and to the point, but let's be perfectly honest here. There isn't anything plot wise that is going to stand out as original if you've seen any other film of this type, save for maybe a really bizarre scene of a carousel in an attic (seriously, how will he get the damn thing down?!?). Also, the ending seemed rather rushed. One minute Nick is talking with a friend of Adrian's and the next he is running into a house full of candles and bizarre epitaphs to Adrian and Nick's never to be relationship. It all seemed like a strange dream. Perhaps there were some scenes that were edited out, hence the weird
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