Analyzing The Movie 'Top Gun'

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The first movie that comes to mind when I think of product placement is Top Gun. I personally do not like this movie but my boyfriend watches it on a monthly basis which means so do I. Tom Cruise is a big tough guy who enters The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School to work on his pilot skills. He consistently attempts to steal the attention of his beautiful flight instructor by trying to be a big shot which causes tension with the rest of his team. The movie showcases Tom’s incredible flight skills that are extremely risking but very impressive. Once he gets ahold of his ego, he learns how to be a great pilot, a great team player, and he even gets the girl. Because my boyfriend loves this movie so much, he owns it on DVD and that is how we access the content. While it’s the story that I don’t enjoy, it would be unfair if I didn’t admit how attractive Tom Cruise is when he wore his leather jacket and Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses. His look is so iconic that it had greatly…show more content…
They signed a contract with America’s Got Talent to be featured in each of the 26 episodes in a season. The product is displayed and promoted in many different ways. The product is shown because in front of each judge on the judging panel is a perfectly placed bright orange Dunkin’ Donuts cup. The judges also physically engage with product because they drink from the cup throughout the episodes. There is a verbal mention of the product because Dunkin’ Donuts has its very own “Dunkin’ Donuts Lounge” where the host, Nick Cannon, sips on the delicious coffee with contestants and their family members. I also think that the product is integrated into the story line, especially for the judges. They have very long days that include sitting at the panel of many hours. They need Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to keep them energized and awake. The contestants also need the product because they spend long hours rehearsing for the
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