Analyzing The Picture From 60 Of The Most Powerful Advertisements

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I will be analyzing the picture from 60 of the most powerful advertisements. The ad shows how the trash that we don’t pick up off the ground animals with eat it and later end up dying from all the trash inside their bodies. The ad shows a picture of a dead bird laying in the middle of the road. The bird is shown with trash off the roadways that people throw out when they are going down the road and the bird does not just find trash off the road it is everywhere. The advertisement that I am using does not show bold, bright colors, the trash inside the bird has depressing colors of black and whites. When I think of trash I do not think of color I think of sad and depressing with dark colors as in grey, black and white. The bird and the trash inside the bird is the focal point of this advertisement, things inside the bird contain pop lids, plastic and tubes of some sort. The background behind the focal point is the road to show all the trash along the roadways that this bird has swallowed. This ad caught my attention because I did not think about the trash and how it would affect wild animals, all I was thinking about was the way trash affects the community. Littering is a crime but not enforced enough. What we do not realize is how much trash we create in one day. The picture lacks in ethos for advertisements but does have really good pathos and logos. The trash you use needs to go in the trash if not an animal will pick it up for you which will later on kill them due to the…
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