Analyzing The Piece Aeneas And His Family Fleeing Troy

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I will be analyzing the piece Aeneas and His Family Fleeing Troy. This artwork is currently being displayed at the San Diego Museum of Art, in Balboa Park near downtown San Diego. This painting was made in 1635 during the Baroque Period in France by Simon Vouet. Vouet was the most influential painter of his time and did much to make Paris an artistic center of Europe. Vouet was heavily influenced by Caravaggio who also heavily influenced other painters during Vouet’s time. In this paper, I will be exploring issues such as material, subject matter, scale, historical context, light, human figure, and finally museum context. Physically, Aeneas and His Family Fleeing Troy is very characteristic of the Baroque period. What is most apparent to me in this work is the lighting. The four figures in the painting are the only light or visible subjects in the painting; the background is completely dark, which is characteristic of the Baroque style. The material of this work is oil on canvas. The oil on canvas allows for very intense colors and contrast, such as the light reflecting off of Aeneas’s helmet, which allows for dramatic lighting of the piece. The painting is approximately fifty-five inches tall, so nearly life sized. Yet, the figures in the piece appear to be exactly life sized. Because the figures seem to be extending below the painting, almost like they are standing on the same ground as the viewer, the head of the figures, especially Aeneas, come all the way up to the…
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