Analyzing The Project Execution, Reporting, And Managing Resources For Eco Trans

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Examining the project execution, reporting, and managing resources for ECO-Trans will show where the companies project could benefit. ECO-Trans is a company based in Europe that provides a "driver assist" technology used on buses, trains, and other mass transit vehicles. Their new product allows for a better driver performance that analyzes routes and advises the worker on which patterns to use resulting fuel savings.

The case study analysis will show where fault and area for improvement. The project management fundamentals that are targeted are in the schedule, cost, conflict resolution, team management, communication with stakeholders, and resource allocation. The project success ultimately relies on the project manager ability to use all tools and techniques associated with a project 's progress.

The key to providing a project within the schedule and allocated budget are essential issues for a project 's success. The project manager must continually monitor and regulate project objectives to stay inside the budget and on time. The manager has to identify early indicators that could potentially risk or derail the project and take the required counteractive action keeping the assignment under control. The first obstacle to figure out is the schedule. Since the project 's sponsor mandated that the project must be delivered on time and within budget. However, the project has run into some hindrances creating delays; mainly the delivery of defective computer terminal…
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