Analyzing The Psychological And Emotional Experiences Held By Commuters On Trains

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Drawing on the information and researched gathered using ethnographic data, in groups we have progressed from choosing between a hardware and scenario, refining the chosen scenario and creating concepts to find a solution to the problems that have come up from the research on our scenario context, documenting the journey to our refined context and concepts. Further development and refinement of a concept is necessary in order to test and evolve it. This report discusses the psychological and emotional experiences held by commuters on trains. Various methods of observation and readings have been employed into refining the context of our research and exploring different avenues in order to quantify our knowledge of Ethnographic Data to get to the concepts.

Ethnography is the study of cultural and social phenomena. It’s is described by Brian Hoey as something “equated with virtually any qualitative research project (e.g., see Research Gateway) where the intent is to provide a detailed, in-depth description of everyday life and practice.” The multiple ways of gathering data are; observing a group in their natural environment and habitual tendencies, video, questionnaires, interviews, photographs and many more. Categorising and presenting the data could be in the form of quantitative or qualitative data; quantitative being things that can be measured in numerical values and descriptions while qualitative goes into details, mostly observed and not measured dealing with

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