Analyzing The Quality And Reliability Of Articles From Other Sources

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Analysis of Sources The purpose of this paper is to summarize and analyze the quality and reliability of articles from certain sources. The articles are about injuries in nursing, and ways to prevent them. The method was to find two sources that seemed questionable and two that seemed reliable, briefly discuss the topics and summarize the articles, and then analyze them. I have found that although two of the sources seemed questionable and two of them seemed reliable, three of the sources are actually reliable and one of them is actually questionable. I learned that to really find reliable sources, more research has to be done than one might think, and that just because a source looks good does not mean that source is reliable and should…show more content…
Many nurses had to leave the profession because of back injuries suffered on the job. Some studies were conducted including different methods to try to reduce the number of injuries on the job. The annual costs for injuries in nursing are around $20 billion. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health conducted a project to improve safety of nurses having to move or lift bariatric patients, patients whose weight exceeds the maximum that can be used by moving or lifting equipment. These patients require more care and treatment due to problems associated with obesity. The project determined the practices for bariatric patients in different hospitals and identified evidence based practices. This source is credible because the NIOSH Science Blog is a reliable source because its publisher, the Center for Disease Control is a nationally recognized federal agency. It was accessed through a Google search engine result and seemed questionable and readily available. It uses some well-known resources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the State of Washington. The NIOSH Science Blog is a bimonthly peer-reviewed journal. There is advertising on the site, but it is only about the CDC organization itself. It was accessed through a Google search result. The article was published by the Centers
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