Analyzing The Significant Differences Between Main Climate Variables ( Average, Maximum, And Minimum Temperature

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Introduction The objective of this project is to analyze the significant differences between main climate variables (average, maximum, and minimum temperature; precipitation, humidity, and wind speed) five years before and five and ten years after the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines. This paper will also determine the long term affects the eruption had on the region through two tailed t-test and any correlation between wind speeds and maximum temperatures. Climate data from March 1986-1996 of the region around the mountain will be correlated based on the monthly changes. A volcano is a mountain that formed when magma escapes from a molten rock vent. Usually a volcanic eruption is caused when magma with dissolved gases…show more content…
The first magma touched the surface of Mount Pinatubo between June 7 and 12 because most of molten rock lost its gas on the way to the surface. There were thousands of small level-5 earthquakes under the mountain, and it caused powerful steam explosions. However, millions of cubic yards of pressurized gas caused the magma to reach the surface and erupted on June 12 (Newhall, Hendley & Stauffer, 1997). After the eruption, the region around Mount Pinatubo had some natural disasters. The most affective disasters were global cooling, large temperature variations around the region, and negative effects on the ozone layer (Rantucci, 1995). Penna and Rivers (2013) found out that the lower stratosphere rose about 4°C and the region around the mountain declined about 0.4°C right after the eruption happened (Penna & Rivers, 2013). The temperature increase of lower stratosphere strengthened the polar vortex. During the winters of 1991 and 1992, the Philippines were warmer than normal by up to 3°C. During the summer of 1992, the temperature was cooler than normal by up to 2°C. Alan Robock (2002) elucidated that the lower part of the stratosphere became clear and would allow observation of the stratosphere after other future eruptions. The limitations of existing satellite sensors and of the latitudinal distribution were highlighted by the Pinatubo eruption (Robock, 2002). On June 1991, more than 800 people died and more than 200,000 people became homeless. (Rantucci,

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