Analyzing The Song 'Blacker The Berry' By Kendrick Lamar

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As the title of the paper suggests, I chose Kendrick Lamar’s song “Blacker the Berry” off the To Pimp A Butterfly album. When selecting a song, I actually took to Twitter to ask my followers what song I should write about. I personally do not listen to Kendrick Lamar so I decided to ask people who enjoy his music to recommend songs that an analysis should be written over. Several people mentioned “Blacker The Berry”. Although I did not hear the many rhymes and metaphors at first, after reading the lyrics along with listening to the song I was quick to realize how creative, witty and almost unintentional the rapping’s of Kendrick Lamar are. Another reason I decided on this song is because he raps about current violence of high profile crimes…show more content…
The words are definite rhymes so they’re appealing to listen to and the stresses at the end of the words add power to the lyrics. This series of rhymes is one internal rhyme followed by two end rhymes. In line 9 he raps ‘You vandalize my perception but can’t take style from me’ then line 10 ‘and this is more than a confession’ with the last line of the series, line 11 ‘I mean I might press the button just so you know my discretion’. The three rhymed words are ‘perception-confession-discretion’. This series of a perfect rhyme is easy to recognize as a rhyme series while listening. My next favorite series of lyrics involve two lines with polysyllabic rhymes and an end rhyme. In line 12 he provides a line that is a polysyllabic rhyme ‘Institutionalize manipulation and lies’ followed by line 13 ‘reciprocation of freedom only live in your eyes’. Line 12 rhymes twice in one line using ‘manipulation and lies’ to rhyme with ‘institutionalize’ and then following it with an end rhyme in line 13. The next use of polysyllabic rhyme involves anaphora. According to Adam Bradley, anaphora is a rhetorical scheme establishing a pattern of repeated words (Bradley, 114). The sequence of rhymes in lines 16-18 reveal Kendrick’s creative poetic abilities and interesting mixture of parts of speech. The anaphora of a phrase is present in all 3 lines and he uses end rhyme in the last 2 lines. Line 16 says ‘You hate my people, I can tell…show more content…
The first simile we are introduced to in the song is line 8. A simile is using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’ to compare to unlike things. In this case, he raps ‘I’m as black as the moon’. After listening, one may think ‘but the moon isn’t black’. In this lyric, he’s comparing blackness to the side of the moon never seen, the back part of the moon that is unlit by the sun and therefore invisible to humans on Earth. Later in the same line, he uses a metaphor. A metaphor is a figure of speech that implies comparison between two unlike entities. The metaphor is ‘came from the bottom of mankind’. This metaphor of ‘bottom’ refers to either an evolution of people from Africa or the meaning of his ethnicity being treated unfairly throughout history. The next metaphor is displayed in line 13: ‘Reciprocation of freedom only live in your eyes.’ This is a metaphor type similar to what we discussed in class. People use parts of the body to represent other things. In this line, he is referring to an ideal of freedom living in the eyes. Eyes are what we use to view and see the world therefore this line represents something that can be seen but maybe not used or felt to the person or persons at

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