Analyzing The Song Postmodern Jukebox's Song

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Dream on is a piece of music written and performed by the band Aerosmith and it was covered by the band, Blacktop Mojo, who made the song richer and fuller in sound, and also Postmodern Jukebox who remade the song into a completely different genre.
When comparing the original song to Blacktop Mojo’s both songs start with a guitar playing the melody. In Aerosmith’s version is seems that the guitar is always off key, but this could be due to the recording equipment used in 1973 not being as good compared to the equipment in Blacktop’s cover in 2016 where you can hear every strum of the guitar and symbol of the drums perfectly. In both of the songs the drums come in at around 1:15 after the guitar intro. Compared to Blacktop Mojo’s version where they come in with accompanist from a loud electric guitar to increase the dynamic of the song, the original song lacks in this dramatic effect because they only use drums which are played much more softly. In the second verse, Blacktop Mojo used drums to increase the tempo before the singer came in, and continued to play through the vocals. This made the song pop and stand out from Aerosmith’s version because they lacked the variations of dynamics and
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The tempos differ greatly being how Blacktop’s cover has an up-tempo that gradually changes at times, while Postmodern stays at the same pace, at low-tempo throughout most of the song. Postmodern’s rubato changes frequently in the song to increase the dramatic effects. The instrumentation of Postmodern’s version involves many more pieces than Blacktop’s. In Post-modern’s version, pianos are supporting the melody while the violins are supporting the harmony. The vocalist of postmodern jukebox gave the song a lighter sound while the vocalist of blacktop mojo gave the song a more gritty, hard
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