Analyzing The Story 'Beauty And The Beast' By Beaumont

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The story “Beauty and the Beast” is a story written by Beaumont that teaches readers why our personalities are important. In the story, Beauty judges the Beast because of his looks, but later accepts him as a respectful loving person (Beaumont). “Beauty and the Beast” teaches us many important things about the way we look and who we are. From the understanding of our personalities, we introduce ourselves to each other every day in society and resemble many of the aspects about the text we read, the media we see, our reasons to learn, and the effects it has on us. To explain this more simply, understanding each other’s personality is important because it helps us know who we can be with for a healthy relationships and we get a better understanding…show more content…
In the story of “Romeo and Juliet”, the two fall in love in a situation which their families forbid them being together. They are but beggars that can count their worth, but my true love is grown to such excess I cannot sum up some of half my wealth. (2.6.30-32). (Shmoop). “Romeo and Juliet” is similar to that of “Beauty and the Beast” because the text from “Romeo and Juliet” and “Beauty and the Beast” have had their main protagonist struggle to keep the one they love. Afterwards, the two stories show how other characters would interfere with the relationship. In the story of “Romeo and Juliet”, the two characters have issues with situations like money because the Capulets and Montagues would not allow marriage with their enemies except from themselves. Marriage would also be for profit instead of true love as well as both lovers are separated from the Capulet and…show more content…
For an example, “Beauty and the Beast” is about an ugly beast who falls in love, the story remains as both couples form a relationship later in the story. The Beast and Tarzan are seen as odd as Beast is representing the ugliness of his appearance and Tarzan is the strange man who has no senses of understanding how to communicate with his own kind in a properly modern human manner. As from the two who lack their perfection by expectation, Beauty and the lady have made their choice. Beauty and the lady both decide to be with whom they love despite the appearances or strangeness their lovers have.
The story about “Beauty and the Beast” relates to me for two reasons. For one reason, I have an understanding of personality. My personality is something I think is important. Despite that I have never found love yet, I think that personality is not only important to myself, but also for the person who as a personality that I would like. Similar to “Beauty and the Beast”, a personality is far more important than my appearance and anyone else’s
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