Analyzing The Validity Of The Holy Bible

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I would like to welcome you to the readable journey that can change a life forever. This is a journey through the Holy Bible, of course with some negative and positive sides along the way. In a quest for accuracy, validity, and truth; the Holy Bible is the most sought after book for answers and attack, yet it continues to stand firm through it all. The Holy Bible is the world’s best selling book and will continue to be for decades to come and there is reasoning behind this awesome fact. Validity is searched for after skeptics read the Bible, they ask questions upon questions wanting so badly to disprove the accuracy of the Bible. Our omniscient God knew that His Words would be challenged and not believed to be true by doubters continuously, so God left life changing hints proving his word true, whether they have been discovered or undiscovered yet. God laid it down plain and simple that the Bible is true - His divine words written by His anointed authors.
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