Analyzing Tracy Turnblad's Hairspray

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Hairspray is a fantastic film and the version that I watched was the newest adaptation. It contained an all-star cast and numerous other awesome performing artists. The musical numbers were an incredible touch to the film, as they regularly served to get a strong message across. I discovered it exceptionally rousing how Tracy Turnblad was unaffected by individuals provoking her overweightness. She utilized the teasing as inspiration to demonstrate the world that she was a decent artist and that she could make it onto the Corny Collins Show. Another aspect of the film that I really enjoyed was the mix of characters. They were in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and financial backgrounds. This made Hairspray more relatable and in addition sensible, which is good because it did brought up some realistic topics relating to racism and obesity.
Racism was the biggest social justice issue in the film touched upon. Hairspray occurred in Baltimore in the mid of the 1960’s, so people were
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For off, Seaweed and Penny were appeared as a couple. This couple was disapproved of in the public, in the light of the fact that Penny was white while Seaweed was African American. For a while, they hid it because they were afraid of how people would react, but eventually their love was too strong and they faced the criticism of society. By having an interracial couple in the film, it demonstrated exactly how much the characters were pushing for mix and that not everybody in Baltimore was racist. There is also a scene in Hairspray where they are protesting segregation. As a result of this protest, quite a few people were sent to jail. It wasn't simply African Americans battling for their rights either; numerous white individuals were supporting them. The film additionally portrayed the racist characters as mean and unlikeable. By doing this, it aided in making the viewers side with the anti-racist
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