Analyzing Various Factors That Drive Learning Analytics

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Ferguson Rebecca [1] provides a review of learning analytics. The paper examines various factors like technological, educational and political factors that drive learning analytics such as Big data, Online learning, political and economic concerns. The authors have described how data driven analytics developed and how learning analytics emerged, and the relationships between LA and educational data mining and academic analytics. Whereas educational data mining focuses on how to extract useful data from a large learning dataset, learning analytics focuses on optimizing opportunities in online learning environment. Academic analytics, on the other hand, focuses on improving learning opportunities and educational results across national and international levels. The authors also identify a future set of challenges to be addressed by learning analytics like establishing clear set of ethical guidelines, coupling with recent and emerging learning technologies, understanding learner perspectives and working with wide range of learning datasets.
Translating Learning into Numbers: A Generic Framework for Learning Analytics [2] Wolfgang Greller et. al. [2], the authors propose a generic framework for Learning Analytics that considers six critical dimensions, namely, Objectives, Data, Instruments, Internal Limitations, External Constraints and Stakeholders. The paper also touches upon the ethical perspective of learning analytics to protect the learners.
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