Analyzing Varying Theories Of Motivation Essay

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Throughout this essay I shall be critically analysing varying theories of motivation in the context of the workplace, so as to assess the validity of the statement “Employees only go to work to earn money” Generically speaking there are a multitude of perspectives when looking at theories of motivation; the first of these being Content Theories, which examine the prominent motives behind behaviour. Content theories “focus upon the values and needs which motivate people.” (Thompson, 1996:9) One of the most influential theories which would fall under this category is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The theory derives from the idea that everyone strives to achieve what he terms as “self-actualisation.” In order to do this, one must first achieve everything below self-actualisation on the pyramid starting from the bottom. “According to Maslow only if the lower needs are satisfied, a higher need can become active.” (Rakowski, 2011:4) Self actualisation is the act of achieving your full potential and being the best that you can be. It has also been defined by Murphy as being “the ultimate goal of a man who constantly tends towards growth.” (Worth, 2010:6) Maslow’s theory could be interpreted, to an extent, as supporting the statement because in order to accomplish the physiological needs of food; water, warmth and rest, which is at the base of the pyramid, one must first earn the money to pay for these necessities. By going to work with the focus of earning money, one would be able
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